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Athletics Physical Form (WVSSAC) 

Attendance Policy 2016-2017 Brochure
Bus Schedules

Lunch Menus (Child Nutrition Home)

School Immunization Requirements for 7th and 12th grade students


WV Department of Education Policies


College Savings Plan SMART529 (West Virginia College Savings Plan) 
   A tax-advantaged savings plan designed to encourage families to save for college. Earnings on 529 investments accumulate tax-free, and distributions are tax-exempt as long as they are applied toward eligible education expenses such as tuition and room and board.  529 plans are named for the section of the federal tax code that governs them. They are most often sponsored by individual states and managed by a mutual fund or other financial services company. The investments underlying a 529 plan typically consist of mutual funds.

WVDE Graduation Requirements
Expected Behavior in Safe & Supportive Schools (Policy 4373)

Parents & Eligible Student Rights Concerning Educational Records (Policy 4350)

WVDE Parent Resources