Snow Day Activities

  • Here are a couple learning activities you can do with your child in case of a snow day.

    * Read.... anything! 20 minutes of Reading a day can truly make a difference in your child's reading.

    * Practice Spelling or vocabulary words.

    * Practice Math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication or division)

    * Got a ruler? Measure things around the house! Have your child estimate how long it will be and then measure it. 

    * Get in the kitchen and bake something! Have your child help read the directions and follow the recipe step by step.


    Here are some things you can do if you have an ipad or internet access:

    Spelling Words

    Search for your spelling list on 

    Accelerated Reader

    Read a book, take a test, and get some points!!


    Students can access this on their ipads or going to

    Learn 21

    Here is a great site for overall learning provided by the state department!

    IXL Math & Reading