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    The mission of ARTSEDGE — the National Arts and Education Network — is to “advocate creative use of technology to enhance the K-12 educational experience.” This site offers free, standards-based teaching materials for use in and out of the classroom, as well as professional development resources, student materials, and guidelines for arts-based instruction and assessment.”
    Blank Sheet Music .net

    Blank Sheet Music

    This site is perfect for teachers who are looking for blank sheet music. Any kind of blank sheet music can be printed for free (piano, bass, guitar, etc.) and customized to suit a musician’s need.
    Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra

    Carnegie Hall Listening Adventures - Young Person's Guide to Music

    n. e. t. i. r. B. m. a. j. y. b. 1 of 1. loading indicator. loading. loaded. Yes. No. What kind of game do you want to play? new game! Practice round. QUIT. skip intro. book_btn. clarinet. trombone. violin. viola. cello. piccolo. horn. bassoon. harp. flute. percussion2. percussion1. oboe. tumpet. bass. tuba. percussion3. percussion4.
    Choral Public Domain Library  

    The Choral Public Domain Library

    The Choral Public Domain Library is a free sheet music Web site which specializes in choral music. Started in December 1998, it is one of the largest free sheet music sites, with over 7,500 scores listed in the CPDL database. Most of the scores are in the public domain, but some scores are newly composed.
    Classical Archives  

    Classical Music Archives

    Started in 1994, Classical Music Archives contains over 38,400 full-length classical music files by 2034 composers in MIDI, MP3, or WMA streaming file formats. This site is subscription-based, however you may join the site for free. To download files you must have a login and a password. Users with a free membership account may download up to five files per day. In addition, the site contains many illustrated biographies and an historical timeline. All the MIDI files are in Standard MIDI file format, and can be opened in any MIDI-based software program. It is certainly worth signing up for a free membership!
     Classics for Kids

    Classics For Kids

    Classics for Kids® is here to help you learn about classical music and have fun too! Classical music can be an exciting tool. The Classics for Kids® lesson plans and teaching resources give teachers practical, effective plans and activities that use classical music to help children learn. and meet national and state standards. They are based on National Standards for the Arts and state Academic Content Standards for Music, as well as on Theory of Multiple Intelligences. The materials also incorporate various philosophies, including those of Orff, Dalcrose, and Kodaly.
    DSO Kids  


    The Dallas Symphony Orchestra is the sixth oldest orchestra in the United States. The site has four interactive musical games (Time Machine, Beethoven’s Baseball, Music Match, and Picture Paint) along with other music teaching aids. The first two games are knowledge based which test what you know about the history of classical music.
     8 Notes

    8 Notes

    This site is an excellent place to find free sheet music and music lessons. 8 Notes also has a community forum, free music tools, and a music glossary.
     Guitar Compass

    Guitar Compass

    Free Guitar Videos / Lessons – This site hosts the largest collection of free video guitar lessons on the web. New lessons are added each week.

    Incredibox - Express your musicality!

    Incredibox is a free musical app in which you can easily create a mix by running a band of beatboxers. Record your mix, share it, then get tons of like and make it to the TOP 50! Show us what you got! Pump it up and chill ;)
    k12 Music Resources  

    K-12 Resources for Music Educators

    This carefully researched and commercial-free site, created and maintained by public school teacher Cynthia Mazurkiewicz Shirk of Mankato, Minnesota, has been recognized as an outstanding site by many universities, school districts and music organizations throughout the world. In existence for over ten years, this site is a continually growing and updated collection of links, categorized by teaching focus: band teachers; vocal/choral teachers; orchestra teachers; classroom teachers; music research; general resources; and much more. If you are looking for something specific, check this collection of links first. You are bound to find useful materials here.
     Making Music Fun | Creative Resources for Elementary Music

    Make every music lesson a treasured memory. It starts with great resources that make learning fun.
     Music Education Magic

    Music Education Magic

    This teacher-created site is an excellent resource for music teachers. In addition to free downloads, lesson plans, and sheet music, Music Ed Magic offers education articles, news, and a special music education search engine.
    Music Games  

    Music Games

    You can play the online versions of the downloadable PC games here. The online versions are not full like the paid downloadable games but it is free and gives you sufficient gameplay to test your skills and understand the basics. Skills tested include instrument recognition, musical riddles, and musical jigsaw puzzles.
    Music Tech Teacher  

    Music Tech Teacher

    This award-winning site contains myriad resources for music technology teachers as well as many samples of student projects. Creator of the site, Ms. Karen Garrett, of Central Park Elementary in Birmingham, Alabama, bills the site as an “extension” of the school’s music technology lab, where third-grade students learn to read, write, compose and publish their own music. In addition to student projects, the site also features numerous online quizzes, worksheets, games, sample music technology lesson plans, and much more. Ms. Garrett was the recipient of the 2006 TI:ME (Technology Institute for Music Educator’s) Teacher of the Year award.


    The Mutopia Project offers thousands of music pieces that are free to download, print out, perform, and distribute.
     National Association for Music Education

    NAfME - Official Site

    NAfME, among the world’s largest arts education organizations, is the only association that addresses all aspects of music education.
    Nashville Symphony Orchestra  

    Nashville Symphony Orchestra

    NSO Kids supports the mission of the Nashville Symphony Orchestra to provide a wide range of educational programming and resources that will support classroom instruction. This site provides students with information about the NSO and its musicians, as well many short biographies and musical examples of orchestral composers from the Baroque period through the 20th century.
     NY Philharmonic Kidzone

    New York Philharmonic KidZone

    The famed New York Philharmonic devotes an entire website to kids. The very attractive website is divided into sections that address areas of musical learning. But the coolest by far is the Game Room which is chock full of games as you can see in the screenshot. 
    Phil Tulga  

    Pattern Block Rock

    This online musical game seems simple at first but is in fact quite challenging. You have to combine your knowledge of geometric shapes and match it to musical notes and rhythms. Pattern blocks are basically shapes which you have to place and add up to a total of eight to replay the tunes.
     PBS Kids Music

    PBS Kids Jazz

    Learn about music and play games with your favorite PBS KIDS characters like Elmo, Arthur, the Cat in the Hat and Daniel Tiger!
    Rock Hall of Fame  

    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

    The mission of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s Summer Teacher Institute is to help educators use popular music to teach across the K-12 curriculum. This site contains about 80 lessons developed by participants in the program. In addition, you can find bios for all Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees.

    SFS Kids Fun with Music (San Francisco Symphony concerts for Kids and Families)

    The San Francisco Orchestra Kids site provides students with the opportunity to experiment with music composition. The basic elements of music (tempo, rhythm, pitch, harmony, and timbre) are introduced in a fun and interactive environment.

    Theta Music Trainer

    You can take Theta Music Trainer as a serious musical training tool because they just might help to train the ear to listen to elements like pitch, rhythm, intervals, chords, and melody. Each game is designed to teach a specific skill. Music is playing by the ear, so this website is highly recommended for beginners. You can also track your progress. The site also hosts a few competitions. We have covered Theta Music Trainer before.


    About Music Education – This site is entirely devoted to music education. Covered topics include instruments, music theory, and music history. The site also offers free lesson plans, games, sheet music, and other resources for music teachers and students.
    Technology for Music Education  

    Technology Institute for Music Educators (TI:ME)

    Founded in 1995, the Technology Institute for Music Educators is a national organization dedicated to helping music teachers incorporate technology into their teaching. Since it’s inception, TI:ME has developed many educational programs and resources covering notation, sequencing, instructional software, digital media, and the Internet. While you need to be a member to receive full access to the Web site, there are numerous articles and a sampling of materials from the “Members Only” section of the site, as well as information about conferences, workshops, and membership. Standard Institutional Membership is Free. 
    The World of Music Foundation

    The World of Music Foundaiton

    The World Music Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides distinctive, global, musical performance and education to urban and rural youth across 9 countries. In collaboration withThe World Music Foundation, master artists instruct and inspire students through authentic interactions ...
     tvokids Games & Shows based on the Ontario Curriculum

    Play free educational games and watch educational programming for Preschool and school aged kids 2-11 years old.


    Music Learning Games for Kids | zZounds

    Music Learning Games for Kids. ... Games and activities that provide music education for children. ... Learn music the fun way with these games, ...