Stratton Elementary School - Redistricted effective the 2023-2024 school year

In August 2022, the Raleigh County Board of Education approved the redistricting of attendance areas for Beckley Elementary School and Stratton Elementary School.  The following map depicts the attendance areas with the green area representing the Beckley Elementary School area while the red depicts the Stratton Elementary School area.  In addition to the map, a list of affected streets is provided.  

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Affected Streets:

  • Austin Avenue
  • E Street
  • Elicia Lane
  • F Street
  • Laurel Terrace
  • Miller Street
  • Mills Avenue
  • Missouri Avenue
  • Mool Avenue
  • Morris Avenue
  • Portion of Cannady Street
  • Portion of S. Fayette Street
  • Portion of S. Kanawha Street
  • Portion of Springdale Avenue
  • Rhodes Street
  • Rice Street
  • Ringleben Street
  • Roosevelt Street
  • Simpkins Street
  • Smith Street
  • Smoot Avenue

Questions:  For questions regarding the redistricted attendance areas, individuals are asked to contact the RCS Transportation Department by telephone at (304) 256-4560.