• Coach Culicerto, Vince
    Coach Culicerto graduated from Woodrow Wilson HS in 1989. He served in the US Air Force from 1991-1995. Coach C. graduated from Marshall University in 1998 and student taught at Shady High that year. He returned in 2000 to teach special education. At the same time he was assistant football and baseball coach at WWHS. In 2001 he began helping with the girls and boys track teams at Shady High. He took over the Head Football coaching duties at Shady in 2006. Coach C. is still coaching both football and track at the Shady. He has been married to his wife Laura (guidance counselor at Shady High) for 19years. They have 5 wonderful children: Josie, Ellie, Abbie, Cal, and Kacie.