Raleigh County Schools Programs (RCSP)

  • Virtual Homebound

    County Coordinator:
    Frankie Cappellari
    304.256.4500 Ext. 3323

    Virtual Homebound requires a written doctor’s note. Students are not allowed to work while on homebound instruction, homebound is not intended for graduation purposes.  It is a short term alternative based on medical need for 3 or more weeks.
     Homebound Application School Year 2019/20
     (RCSP) Virtual Homebound Webpage

    Home Instruction (School)

    County Contact:
    LeeAnn Williams
    304.256.4500 Ext. 3310

    Home Instruction (School) requires a Letter of Intent.  Please note student is withdrawing from Raleigh County Schools.  If student returns to Raleigh County Schools course credit(s) received while on home instruction will not be accepted. 
    (RCSP) Attendance Webpage 
    Home School Policy (E.17)

    Virtual School

    County Coordinator:
    Randy Adkins
    304.256.4500 Ext. 3305

    Virtual School allow students an online pathway for earning a high school diploma for grades 9 – 12.  Students are still enrolled in Raleigh County Schools.  Virtual School applications for first semester must be submitted on/or before August 1st and second semester applications must be submitted on/or before December 1st.  Raleigh County Schools reserves the right to set a capacity limit per semester for virtual enrollment.
    (RCSP) Virtual School Webpage
    Virtual School Policy (E.18)



15 to Finish

  • 15 to finish

    Did you know in order to complete a bachelor’s degree in four years you must take at least 15 hours each semester?  According to the 15 to Finish campaign the longer you stay in college the less likely you are to graduate.  By getting a head start on your college career you can save money and time. 

    Numerous colleges/universities offer college classes to high school juniors and seniors for $25 per credit hour which equals a total of $75 per class.  However, each college/university admission requirements may differ.  Also, by completing a college course you are establishing a college transcript.  Upon completion of the college course you must request a transcript from that college’s registrar office.  If you would like to transfer college credit to another college, you must request your transcript to be sent from the registrar’s office. 

    Your high school counselor does not get a copy of your college transcript.  Furthermore, as a junior you are completing your college course outside of school hours.   As a senior, if eligible, your college course can be built into your high school schedule.  For more information see your grade level counselor.

     If you are interested in earning college credit, see below:computer

    Marshall University Online College Course in the High Schools (OCCHS)


    West Virginia University High School Access Early College Program


    West Virginia University Tech Early Enrollment Types


    New River Community and Technical College (Provisional Students)


    Note:  Student is responsible for cost of college course.



  • Semester Exam Schedule
    No Early Exams are Allowed

    • December 18th - 2nd and 5th periods
    • December 19th - 4th and 6th periods
    • December 20th - 1st and 3rd periods
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  • PreACT
    The PreACT will be given to any 10th or 11th grade student interested in testing.  The cost of the test booklet is $20.00, test booklets are limited.  The deadline to sign up is Friday, December 6, 2019.  If you have any questions, see Ms. Dorsey.

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  • West Virginia Governor's School for the Arts
    Attention sophomores: Summer is looking even better! If you have a talent in writing, dancing, singing, acting, digital media art, painting or drawing, or in playing an instrument, and you would like to spend three weeks on a college campus at no cost, consider the Governor’s School for the Arts. It might be just where you want to spend an unforgettable summer!  For more information see grade level counselor.


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  • Fee Wavier
    Did you know if your child receive free or reduced lunch you are eligible for a fee wavier for PSAT, SAT, ACT, and AP testing? For more information see your child's grade level counselor.
    (Fee Waiver Benefits) - College Board
    (Waiver Program) - ACT

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  • Sports Season Pass
    Do you want to save money on athletic games?  Sport season passes are being sold during lunch to anyone who is interested, for more information see Mr. Barnett.
    Sports Season Pass Application

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Schoology & Student Progress

  • Schoology
    Parent(s) & Guardian(s) are encouraged to login Schoology to monitor their child's performance.  While in Schoology you are able to communicate with teachers, counselors, and administrators.  If you do not have a Schoology account, please contact Libby Morgan.  To access Schoology click here.

    9 Week Grading Periods
    1st Term               08/14/19 – 10/17/19
    2nd Term              10/18/19 – 12/20/19
    3rd Term               01/06/20 – 03/17/20
    4th Term               03/18/20 – 05/29/20

    1st Term               09/16/19
    2nd Term              11/15/19
    3rd Term               02/10/20
    4th Term               04/27/20

    Grade Card Release Dates
    1st Term                10/25/19
    2nd Term               01/06/19
    3rd Term                03/25/19
    4th Term                TBD


Grading Scale

  • The Raleigh County Grading Scale
    A: 90-100%
    B: 80-89%
    C: 70-79%
    D: 60-69%
    F: 59 and below