Book Review-Me Before You

Book Review by Carson McKinney

Jojo Moyes’ Me Before You was a captivating, lovely addition to my collection and made my heart melt between every page. Moyes has portrayed the art and innocence of love between a disabled man and his giddy caregiver. The story unfolds in this sweet little village in England, accentuated with evergreen fields and coffee shops. Louisa Clark is stunned by her sudden loss of employment at her local bakery, and is thus thrown in to panic and disappointment among her family.

Louisa discovers a job opening with a wealthy family, including main character, Will Traynor. Will ties in the witty, introvert and unpleasant characteristics of the first tone presented. Lousia and Will greatly clash to begin with, but as the seasons bloom, so do their characters.

Moyes captures the heart of each reader as the chapters move onward. Her results bloom the effortless theme of true love for someone and the heartbreak that is sure to endure after. I felt as though I was following the two characters throughout the entire story. My heart, accompanied by multiple boxes of tissues, skipped dozens of beats.

Although knowing the bigger picture is hopeful, illuminating and meaningful in its best way, I do wish for a sweeter ending. Everything considered, Moyes has a wonderful gift for evoking the emotions of romance and tragedy. Her story accents my imagination with butterflies and the hope of a better tomorrow.

Although to some, the story seems basic in its sense of love and devotion. However, any reader who appreciates the art of finding love outside of yourself shall greatly enjoy this novel.

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