Social Studies Fair Winners

SS Fair Winners

Pictured L to R: 1st Row: Rebekah New, and Carsyn Harris

2nd Row: Isaac Roop, Dylan Martin, Emma Taylor, Emily Cernuto, and Isabell Roop

Students of Woodrow Wilson High School, pictured above, won both the school and Regional Social Studies fair, and will advance to the state level on April 27th at the Charleston Civic Center. Projects include: Carsyn Harris and Rebekah New (9th Grade) with “The Golden Age of American Musical Theatre”, Dylan Martin (9th Grade) with “The History of  Leprosy”, Issac and Isabell Roop (9th Grade) with “Lincoln VS. Kennedy Striking Similarities”, Emma Taylor (11th Grade) with “How the Decline of the Serial Killer led to the Rise of the Mass Murderer”, and Emily Cernuto (12th Grade) with “The Election of 1912”. Good luck to these students as they advance to the state competition!