Hamza Jafary’s Tennis Career

Interview by Kenny Price

Just days before the MSAC tournament, I caught up with Hamza Jafary the one seed for the tennis team and asked for his predictions for the rest of the season and his career.

KP: “What is the biggest change from playing two seed last season behind your

         cousin Ishaq Jafary to playing one seed this year?”

HJ: “The biggest change, I would say is, the competition is way tougher and I have          

         to work harder and stay focused to come through and win,”

KP: “What have you learned from the tennis pro Bud Vredeveld?”

HJ: “Bud has taught me many things about tennis, but the two most important   

        things are probably to stay calm during close matches and stick to the

        fundamentals because everything comes from that.”

KP: “What are your goals for this season?”

HJ: “Obviously my goals for this year are to be the best and win regionals and    

        hopefully go far in states.”

KP: “Since being the one seed, what is it like being a captain?”

HJ: “Being captain of the team is very different from any role I’ve had on any team

        before. I have to motivate my teammates and make sure they are doing well,

        put their success before my own, and show them how to react to different

        situations on the court.”

KP: “What are your plans for tennis in the future?”

HJ: “I haven’t decided for the future at all. If tennis takes me somewhere it’ll

        happen, if it doesn’t then it doesn’t happen.”