RCSD Behavior Support Programs

T-4 Academy

Support for Elementary Students - T-4 Academy Brochure

What is the T4 Academy?

The T4 Academy is behavior support environment to assist students with serious and chronic behavior develop self-regulation skills in order to reengage in traditional classroom instruction. 

Intensive academic and behavioral supports are individually designed and delivered in smaller classrooms by highly qualified and trained teachers.

Support and instruction occur in a Raleigh County school facility not associated with the student’s home school.  Upon reaching individually designed goals, the family and home school are reunited and given transitional support to maximize long-term success.

Family Services

Collaborative relationships with the family and student support services allow for wrap around services that focuses on the whole child’s well being.


To maximize the benefit of the T4 Academy programs all support services will be delivered onsite.  These support services will typically include;

  • Student counseling services

  • Family counseling services

  • Specialized instruction

  • Mental Heath services

  • Behavioral support services

  • Transportation

  • Food Service

Virtual Alternative Placement

Support for Secondary Students