Parents may apply until Sunday, December 31st at 5:00 pm

Current Virtual Students may opt out and return to in-seat instruction until Sunday, December 31st at 5:00 pm


RCS Virtual Students had the opportunity to participate in a hands-on-learning day.  Some of the Projects included: dissecting a shark, creating multimedia videos and graphic design

What We Do

Students have the flexibility to access the courses 24/7 to meet their schedule needs. In addition, enrolled students can participate in all school activities, compete athletically, and graduate.

What We Provide

  • Technology Device 

  • Dual Credit Courses through WVU Tech

  • College / Career Advising Team

  • World Class Education

  • Online Tutoring


Audrey Williams, Virtual School Coordinator

(304) 256-4500 ext. 3340

Raleigh County’s Virtual Learning Program (RCS-VLP) is open to all eligible students within the district. RCS-VLP is an innovative educational experience that takes place in an interactive learning environment created through technology. The Raleigh County School district remains steadfast to a commitment of excellence. All grades earned through participation in RCS-VLP will be assigned by the Virtual School instructors and not the local teachers.  Grades will be sent electronically to the district office for upload to Schoology for transcripts and report cards.  It is very important for parents and students to have ongoing dialogue with the Virtual School instructors to ensure there is no miscommunication about your child's academic performance while participating in these online programs.